More than once we have seen films depicting the near or distant future in which technology played a key role in human development and everyday life. We have seen distant space travel and robots tasked with taking over our heavy or dangerous responsibilities. However the world is moving fast in this direction, we still have a long way to go and many obstacles. Nevertheless, at the moment we already have a number of technological solutions to choose from, which are designed for our safety, comfort and to take control over our home. We can call this group of products - SMART HOME solutions.

What is SMART HOME technology?

It is a group of devices that can be programmed to properly communicate with each other, with the result that human intervention becomes unnecessary or limited. The use of home automation is aimed at increasing the comfort of home residents, their safety, and reducing energy consumption. Home automation systems are a great help, especially in homes and apartments for disabled people. Control is possible using smartphone devices that have access to the Internet.

Applications of SMART technology:

  • teleinformation network,
  • control of indoor and outdoor lighting depending on the presence of people in the rooms and traffic, based on the intensity of light, etc.,
  • controlling the heating of separate rooms,
  • control of ventilation, air conditioning and filtration based on air quality parameters, i.e. carbon dioxide content and humidity,
  • presence simulation,
  • protection of life and property,
  • alarm system and monitoring,
  • fire protection system,
  • access control system,
  • UPS power system,
  • weather system,
  • a system for managing the production and storage of renewable energy from own micro-sources,
  • support for audio-video and other everyday devices,
  • complex personalization system,
  • smoke exhaust control system, control and monitoring of fire dampers


SMART HOME – how to start?

A frequent barrier in the implementation of new technologies, including SMART HOME solutions, is a high financial threshold, which limits the transformation of a home into a modern SMART space by an average household. Therefore, the beginning of the adventure with SMART devices should start with the purchase of equipment that will not damage our home budget and at the same time introduce us to this technology, teaching about the purposefulness of their design and the benefits that follow.

Contrary to appearances, the beginning of the adventure with this technology is not complicated – anyone who has a smartphone with internet access and a selected smart device can handle the configuration and operation. As a start, we recommend buying e.g. smart Wi-Fi bulbs or Wi-Fi power sockets, these are intuitive and easy to assemble and install devices, and their unit cost does not exceed EUR 25. But more on that in the next paragraph.


Melink – SMART solutions for every budget

Melink is a family of SMART HOME products, thanks to which you can remotely manage your home from anywhere with Internet access from the free MELINK application. Our goal is to provide solutions that are intended for everyone, regardless of the level of knowledge in the subject of SMART technology or income. That is why we offer products at competitive prices, affordable for every budget.


Manage energy consumption in your home!

Smart Wi-Fi bulb and Smart Wi-Fi Strip generate up to 16 million colors that the user can remotely configure through the color panel, and these are available in different intensity and saturation, including white light in shades from cold, neutral, to warm .

Grouping smart lighting products (without numerical limits) and their automation allows to reduce energy consumption. To do this, it is enough to set a timer that allows you to switch the light on and off in individual rooms or the whole house, at specific mornings, evening or night hours. On the other hand, “scenes” will be used to record specific parameters for particular times of the day, occasions or activities.

  • energy saving
  • convenience

Secure your apartment by remotely managing your electrical equipment

Smart Wi-Fi socket and Smart Wi-Fi extension cable allow you to add any electrical device to the intelligent management system at home, office or garage, both via a plug and a USB cable. A French standard socket with a maximum current of 10A has a power consumption measurement function. This will allow you to control electricity bills on an ongoing basis, spread over specific days, weeks or months.

From the application position, it is possible to control the socket – this guarantees additional security in the case of devices that pose a risk in the absence of household members, e.g. iron, curling iron, straightener. It is also possible to set a schedule and a timer that are to turn the device on or off at a given moment, for a specified period of time.

  • energy saving
  • security
  • control

Monitor your child’s room from another room or your pet while you are away!

The rotating Smart Wi-Fi camera is a device whose main task is to monitor the apartment in the absence of household members, but the parameters of the device and a number of additional functions from the application’s position allow for a much wider application.

The camera has a wide field of view and the ability to control the head vertically: 90°, horizontally: 345°, so for effective image viewing, we suggest installing the camera in the corner of the room. Built-in infrared (IR) LEDs provide a clear high-definition image, also at night.

The camera can be used as a baby monitor, it has a speaker and a microphone that can be operated in both directions. In this way, we can monitor the child’s room from another room in the house or control the pet during our absence.

  • security
  • control
  • communication

Do you need the above SMART solutions?

Regardless of your knowledge about SMART devices, it is worth buying one of the products of this technology to verify whether our home is ready for this type of transformation. The most important thing, however, is to answer the question whether we want to follow the spirit of development and improve our lives in areas that will not only provide us with comfort, but also savings and safety.